Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi everyone.

Just posting an update for the new year. In 2009 I will posting the comfort quilts made by Faithquilters rather than all the photo's due to the time involved and the size of the blog. I will include updates on the group activites and how the ladies are doing. I suggested the ladies consider starting blogs to display their personal quilts. If they do I'll post links here so they're easy to find.

Vicky's Comfort Quilt - #1 for 2009

Well here is my January comfort quilt. It started as blocks for a mystery quilt. I love the colors but the quilt was going to be huge and just seemed overpowering. I found it's difficult to choose colors if you have no idea what you're making. Anyway I took half the blocks, added a green border and made my 1st comfort quilt for January. February will probably be almost hte smae as I have enough blocks to make another so I'll probably use those and add a different color border. That's one down and 9 to go for 2009.