Thursday, April 22, 2010

UPDATE 4/22/10

Well I haven't had much to post here as Faithquilters has been on hold for a few weeks. I needed to do a little remodeling at the house then tax season hit, then my sister was injured, then . . . as you know it's always something. However we will be restarting the bi-weekly group tonight so hopefully some new pictures and updates are on the way.

This is on my personal blog but since it was a comfort quilt I'm adding it here as well. A lady I know is a caregiver for her grandmother and as we all know that can sometimes be hard so she's been overwhelmed lately. While I was finishing this quilt the Lord told me she needed it so I sent it off in March to it's new home. She loved it and it is my first "no buy" quilt of 2010. Everything including backing came from my stash.