Thursday, July 30, 2009


One of our comfort quilts has found a new home. Our firm recently merged with another CPA this month including their office staff. In the process of getting to know the ladies I found that one is going thru a divorce. She has two young children so that makes things harder. I blessed her with a quilt this week as a reminder that God loves her all the times no matter what else is going on. Here's the one I gave her. She loved the reds and oranges. Ever make something and wonder why you picked that then the Lord shows you where it was supposed to go.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The group had a 2 week summer break and starts back this week. While we were gone I think everyone has been staying busy.

Vickie finished a really cute strip quilt that was given for a birthday gift this weekend. Kathy has a few in the works so I'm sure we'll be seeing those soon and I'm waiting to see how far Becky & Amy are on their new projects. Oh yeah, check back soon for Dana's first quilt picture. I hope to get it basted tomorrow and quilted Tuesday and turn over to her to do the binding.

Other than that I have one going to a wounded vet this week in Ohio. The red/white/blue puzzle box was not able to be given to the young man that just enlisted for many reasons but it will be going to another vet as appreciation for his service. I also 2 more waiting to be basted and quilted and several more due before the end of the year. You can also check out my personal blog for what's going on there.


Well I was finally able to quilt and bind the floral sqaures I started a few months back. During the week I finished the binding during lunch and tomorrow it goes to it's new owner. A favorite client of mine will take it to her daughter Susanna, who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. I am sure it will help remind her of God's love and blessings.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just off the cuff

So that's all the pictures I have ready. I know the ladies are all working on new projects and as soon as I have the info or pictures I'll post them. In the meantime, go be nice to someone and have a great day.


Well here is Becky's long awaited first quilt. She's had it done a couple of weeks but I haven't had a chance to update blogs. Sorry for the delay Becky.
The colors are great, the work first class and the finished piece absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see her new puzzle box.


Here are pics of Gina's and Michael's. Her's is the pastel one - I figured she doesn't get a lot of girlie things in the military.


Well 4th of July has come and gone. I was able to finish all three of the ones I wanted to do to honor the active military people I knew. I made one for Houston who is just leaving for the Persian Gulf, one for Gina and one for Michael who are both active military and members of my church. I missed getting Michael's to him. I didn't know he was deployed a couple of weeks prior but I'll make sure it gets to his wife and new daughter. I'll post the pics here as well as my personal blog cause if these aren't comfort quilts I don't know what is. We owe such a debt to our military personnel and this is just a tiny gesture.

Here's Houston's - I posted here prior but it wasn't finished.