Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After looking at the quilts of valor program and the soliders they have honored I decided to try and honor a few as I can in our area. Well living in the Tampa area with MacDill AFB there is certainly no shortage of military personnel. After some thought and prayer I realized why not start with the ones I know. So with Houston's almost finished I decided to try and honor the 2 young soliders in our church family. The young man has a daughter not much older than one or so and the young woman has a newborn, yet they put their families aside when called to protect ours.

It's my hope that I can get a quilt ready for each of them by July 4th. I started Michael's and the picture is here. For Gina's I bought something a little different. It's still red, white & blue fabrics but I bought tone on tones with small flowers so she'll have one a little more girly. I doubt there's much of that in the military. I'll post her picture once I start it.


I have this on my personal blog but I wanted to put here as well since it's probably the most deserved of a comfort quilt. God has really laid the on my heart recently about the young men and women in our country that are giving up their homes and families to protect our freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. Recently my brothers girlfriend mentioned her son joined the Navy and would soon be leaving for the Persian Gulf. I immediately thought well he needs a little piece of America to take with him so I started a quilt. After 4 false starts I got a block I liked and it became Houston's quilt. Then this week after reading up on the Quilts of Valor program I decided to try and help honor the local military people who are protecting our homes and families.

Check my next post for where this lead. Here's a picture of Houston's quilt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well sorry to say I haven't quilted the 2 comfort quilts yet so no new photos. I know Becky finished her 1st quilt so I'm hoping to get a photo next week to post of that. Her magic tile came out really pretty and her new puzzle box is beautiful. And, Dana is close to completing her first top so maybe I can get us a sneak preview of that tonight. It's these fabulous mardi gras colors.

Other than that the ladies are sewing away. I'm not sure what everyone is working on but I'll try to check in tonight and catch a peek.