Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last night I sent our red/black/white quilt to Becky's sister. She is getting ready to start some medical treatments and I think it will bring her a lot of comfort just as a reminder that she has people praying for her. Here's a picture of the quilt.


Well another week and this time everyone was busy. Here's what they all have in the works.

Vickie has a georgeous magic tile in Christmas colors which I believe is a gift. Can't wait to see it finished. She always does a beautiful job.

Amy is almost completed the top of her pinwheel comfort quilt. It has amazing colors and is coming out simply great.

Kathy currently has a tossed 9 in red/white and blue which is turning out nice. I've not seen this pattern before so I'm waiting to see how nice it looks when finished.

Dana was able to finish her braid strips and started putting together the rows of her french braid. Wow what great colors.

Becky is sewing the chocolate and white frames for her puzzle box. The colors are simply stunning. Next week she should be up to putting the squares together.

Me, I'm trying to finish the military quilt before Houston leaves for the Persian Gulf next month. Then I've go blocks to make for 2 swaps.

So that was our week - looks like we're all plowing away.


Well last week we had part of the group in meetings and part traveling so only Becky and Dana were able to come. Becky brought new fabric to show us for her second quilt. She picked out an amazing french theme of teal with chocolate and white Eifle Towers. It is beautiful. After sorting patterns she finally decided on a Puzzle Box so she could keep the teal fabric in larger pieces to show off the design. it'll be framed in chocolate and white. By the way I'll get a pic of her first quilt and post it here to see.

Dana was busy cuttig and sewing pieces of her French braid which will be done in mardi gras fabric. The colors are so fresh and vibrant. I think for her first quilt she'll be amazed how bright and cheery this one will be. After this she'll be hooked for sure.

Friday, May 15, 2009

UPDATE - MAY 15, 2009

Not much to update this week. A few of the ladies were out this week and the weather was terrible so the others decided to take a break. Hopefully they're sewing away at home and making beautiful things. I know Kathy and Vickie will be out next week as well but I'm on vacation all week so hopefully I'll have a chance to get a couple of the faith quilts I have ready quilted and bound so I can post the pictures here.

If anyone decides to start a blog for their personal quilts or creations I'll post a link here. Check out my personal blog to see what's going on with me outside the Faithquilters group.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sorry ladies we missed last night but was mom's 66th birthday so we took her to dinner. Vickie and Joed were kind enough to join us so it was like a little party. She had a nice time and was good for her to get out of the house.

Well ladies I'm waiting for new pictures to post. I have a floral coming but it still needs to be quilted and the binding done before it's ready. After that I'll finish the bento box comfort quilt between working on a couple I need to quilt. Tell me what you're working on.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hi ladies,

I found a new site I think you'll all love. As you have time check out it's got more quilt blogs that you could read in a year. I only looked at a couple and they were amazing.

Check out their site.