Monday, May 17, 2010


The ladies are really rolling along and should actually each have a comfort quilt done by the June deadline. In exchange for free lessons I required they turn in a charity quilt in June and November. I have Kathy's completed and put away, I quilted Ruth's and Kathy is currently in the binding stage and Alison's was quilted last night. I'll return it to her this week so she can add the binding.

I think the Alison and Ruth are pretty much done squaring up the sand casltle blocks and are starting to assemble them. After that each will go from here and decide what they want to make. As for me . . . I'm not only on a no buy till 3/15/11 but I've put all my quilts aside till I can get the ones I have lying around basted and quilted. This week I finished Ruth's and Alison's tops and started a top that Kathy took over from a previous member and finished up. After that I have 2 or 3 tops of my own that need to be quilted them I'll start on Karen's housewarming quilt. I might finish by the time she's lived there a few years.


This weekend was our monthly project which for May which was the Magic Tile. It's one of my favorite patterns and I can honestly say it's just beautiful no matter what colors you choose. Kathy choose some muted colors with very vintage hues and designs along with beige grouting. Ruth is making two so she'll have one for herself and one for her sister. Both are solid colors and have black/print grout. I can't wait till they are finished and I can post the pictures here. I think Kathy got as far as finishing up thru the 3rd cut on her blocks and Ruth stayed till she got her whole top assembled. As soon as they are basted and quilted I'll post some pictures.

As for me I helped the ladies and worked on quilting one while they were sewing. I am not starting anything new till I can get some one the ones I have finished and posted here.


Here is Kathy's newest quilt. She made this for one of our church members that is moving to another state. I'm sure he loved it. SHe did a great job. It's a Tossed Nine pattern done in red white and blue. We don't have a picture of the whole quilt but you can see how nice it looks.
I think she has a few more done and is just waiting for me to quilt them. This one she pieced and quilted herself.