Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's the other UFO I was able to get off my list. This was originally started as a comfort quilt for my sister. Back in April she was injured and I wanted to make her a purple quilt. Well with tax season and trying to help her family and such I ended up giving her a blue and white one I already had finished. So this one will now join the comfort quilt pile until it finds it's new home. I'm sure whoever gets it will love it as much as she would. It's a Twisted 9 Patch but once I took the photo I saw an error in one spot on the layout. However, it's quilted and bound so it's staying the way it is.

This also counts as one of my no-buy quilts for 2010 since I bought the fabric in 2009. Check out my personal blog for the other UFO's that aren't comfort quilts. I only post group quilts here.


Here is a new baby quilt Kathy just finished. I believe she has another one similar to this in the works. These ought to make 2 twin little girls very happy.


Here is one of my finished UFO's. The blocks were done by women all over the United States and they came to me through a block swap. I ended up with 13 purple blocks so I decided to trim them all the same and make them into a comfort quilt. It felt good to finish up some of these. I think I've had these blocks for a year or two so now they can go to a good home.

Friday, July 2, 2010


You're probably thinking I bought a new rotary cutter - wrong. Ruth's sister Cindi stopped by our group last night and visited while we sewed (I've known these 2 for 15+ years). Ok other than Ruth we didn't sew a whole lot but we had a great night. In the end it turned out really great for me. Unfortunately (for her) Cindi offered to help if we needed anything done. The poor thing ended up taking home a giant (and I stress giant) laundry basket of my scraps that she'll be pressing and cutting into 2.5 x 6.5 inch pieces. She seemed really excited but I'll check back in a few days and see if she still feels that way. She's percise in everything she does and I see a whole lot of braid quilts coming up in my future. I have been looking forward to using those scraps as I felt wasteful just adding more and more and never using. Should be easy to keep that no buy as I'll have plenty to sew now.

Cindi thanks for the help. I'll see if you still love me once you get half way thru the mess I sent home with you.


Here's a close up of the label on Cindi's quilt. Great idea.


Here is the other Magic Tile Ruth made for her sister Cindi. Again she used bright primary colors. The grout is black with small primary colored hearts. I was thrilled when Ruth gifted me the fabrics to make myself one. She's a doll. She'd be more of a doll if she made the top for me, ha-ha just joking. She has a couple more sisters waiting on their quilts. Wait till you see the label she added. The back is butterfiles and Cindi was able to find a crochet butterfly at an Amish town on her recent trip to Tennessee. Hope she knows those other sisters are going to be expecting one just as nice now.


Well with all the quilts tha ladies have finished I didn't want you to think I've been doing nothing. I have a group of quilitng friends in Lakeland and one of our ladies had a stroke recently. We all got together and made a block for her and the class instructor Robin assembled it into a top, I quilted it and Robin added the binding. I am sure Pat loved it. The center square is mine.


I can barely quilt the tops fast enough for this woman. She is doing an amazing job of finishing up some of her quilt tops. I believe she made this one as a special gift for a friend of her's that requested a pink quilt. As always - great job Kathy. Are you going to have any left to work on for UFO month?


Here is Alison's first ever charity quilt. I think it might also be the first quilt she's done with our group. She did a greally great job taking simple 4in squares and making them into a really pretty quilt. The colors are really pretty together and her piecing was nicely done. She's a great addition to our group. Can't wait to see what else she comes up with. If I remember correctly she has a Sand Castle in the works.


You've seen Kathy's lion quilt but she's been a busy lady. This is a Simple Simon pattern and she did a really good job of picking colors. The contrast was really good. Kathy you've come a long way - great job.


Here is another quilt ready to go. Ruth made her husband and sister each a Magic Tile in bright primary colors with black grouting. Ed's has black grouting with small colored dots. These came out simply stunning and she did an amazing job of putting everything together. The back was done in card pattern farbic as Ed loves to play poker. Great job Ruth.


Wow we have gone from no new pictures to an abundance of them. The ladies have certainly been busy. Here is one Kathy just finished. It certainly made the rounds. I cut the squares a couple of years ago and never did anything with them and they passed to a previous group member. She started sashing one or two blocks and didn't finish so it was passed along to Kathy who finished sashing the blocks, added some really nice border fabric and put everything together. It's now with the charity quilts for future use. She did an excellent job finishing this up.