Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November Thoughts

Well ladies and gentleman I want to issue you a challenge. As time goes by all quilters collect what becomes known as the infamous "scrap basket". I have one that has now gone from a little basket to a laundy basket. It could be larger but I draw the line on what size scraps I keep. If I cannot get at least 2.5 x 6 inches I discard. Wasteful - yes but my decision nonetheless.

You have all been with me 1 year now so I know you have those scraps stored away. I have committed to finishing 1 scrap quilt by the end of the year and in fact have already chosen the pattern. My challenge to Vickie, Kathy, Bo and Amy - finish 2 scrap quilts by the end of 2009. Make these ones you committ to work on in your free time or even time you would otherwise use for charity or volunteer work. Does 2 soud like a lot? I've committed to 6 in 2009.

This isn't mandatory - just a challenge. I know that I feel the urge often to do more volunteer work than I do now so look at this as your volunteer work as I would ask that you each donate the finished scrap quilts to the Senior Orphan program in December 2009. No need to spend money on fabrics - get those scraps and get using them. I know my basket will be much lighter this time next month. I'm already planning.

Be blessed, have great Thanksgiving and rember to pray for a solider so serves so that we may celebrate holidays as we choose and to give God thanks for the bounty we have.

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