Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well last week we had part of the group in meetings and part traveling so only Becky and Dana were able to come. Becky brought new fabric to show us for her second quilt. She picked out an amazing french theme of teal with chocolate and white Eifle Towers. It is beautiful. After sorting patterns she finally decided on a Puzzle Box so she could keep the teal fabric in larger pieces to show off the design. it'll be framed in chocolate and white. By the way I'll get a pic of her first quilt and post it here to see.

Dana was busy cuttig and sewing pieces of her French braid which will be done in mardi gras fabric. The colors are so fresh and vibrant. I think for her first quilt she'll be amazed how bright and cheery this one will be. After this she'll be hooked for sure.

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