Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's the other UFO I was able to get off my list. This was originally started as a comfort quilt for my sister. Back in April she was injured and I wanted to make her a purple quilt. Well with tax season and trying to help her family and such I ended up giving her a blue and white one I already had finished. So this one will now join the comfort quilt pile until it finds it's new home. I'm sure whoever gets it will love it as much as she would. It's a Twisted 9 Patch but once I took the photo I saw an error in one spot on the layout. However, it's quilted and bound so it's staying the way it is.

This also counts as one of my no-buy quilts for 2010 since I bought the fabric in 2009. Check out my personal blog for the other UFO's that aren't comfort quilts. I only post group quilts here.

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