Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After looking at the quilts of valor program and the soliders they have honored I decided to try and honor a few as I can in our area. Well living in the Tampa area with MacDill AFB there is certainly no shortage of military personnel. After some thought and prayer I realized why not start with the ones I know. So with Houston's almost finished I decided to try and honor the 2 young soliders in our church family. The young man has a daughter not much older than one or so and the young woman has a newborn, yet they put their families aside when called to protect ours.

It's my hope that I can get a quilt ready for each of them by July 4th. I started Michael's and the picture is here. For Gina's I bought something a little different. It's still red, white & blue fabrics but I bought tone on tones with small flowers so she'll have one a little more girly. I doubt there's much of that in the military. I'll post her picture once I start it.

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