Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ever find yourself hitting deadends in so many areas. You feel like things just keep getting worse and eventually find your complaining to yourself and God about things that in the grand scheme of things are small and insignificant. I find at those times God shows us people that are suffering life changing worries and concerns. I think that in those times God takes the opportunity to show us how much we have in our lives to appreciate.
The last few weeks God has shown me how blessed I am and that there is simply no shortage of people needing comfort. Everything from divorce, sick children, friends dealing with cancer, hospice, etc. I am truly seeing where my comfort quilts need to go.

Today I blessed the father of a co-worker with a comfort quilt. He is going home from the hospital today in the care of hospice. I wanted him to go with a reminder of God's love and comfort. Here's the one I choose. It's some blocks Amy started and I was able to add some borders and make it into a comfort quilt. I hope God adds his comfort everytime he uses it.

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June said...

Your blog this morning is just what I needed to read. I to make quilts and give them as comfort to those needing to feel how much they are loved.. I just wanted to tell you how much your words encouraged me today, and how I will always be reminded each time I stitch how we are blessed in all we do for the good of others.. God is so good and I know he sends angels to give us hope in human form, you are the angel of hope today,, thanks so much.. hugggggs
June aka ElleMayple