Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As you know I was led this year to make quilts for the active mililtary people I know for July 4th. Luckily I only knew 2 so it wasn't overwhelming. During the time I was making them I met my brother's girlfriend and her son was just leaving for the Persian Gulf. Needless to say I wanted to include him.

During the process of making the quilt (they don't happen overnight) she decided to move out of the area and I had no way of contacting her. I really wondered why finish the quilt as it had no home. But God laid on my heart to finish as it belonged somewhere. Well, not 2 weeks later I heard of a wounded vet in Ohio (Lee) that was riding a bike around Ohio to raise veteran awareness and was injuried in an auto accident caused by careless kids. Wow he's a veteran, in need of comfort and God's love - did it find a home or what. So while it did not go where I intended I think it went where God intended. It's on it's way to Ohio today. I hope Lee loves it.


Hazel said...

Beautiful and patriotic. What veteran wouldn't love to have this one? By the way, I'm a veteran. I'll send you my address.

a h

Victoria said...

Oh I got your address woman, and your phone number and email, and (ha-ha). You're my biggest fan and no worries I'll be making you another before too long. Vicky